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Pop Up Display System

pop up display types

Pop Up Display Systems provide an impressive professional graphic display in any exhibitions and road shows. They are portable and easy to setup. They are also value for money as they are durable and reusable. The display system comes in a variety of shape (Concave Curve or Straight) and sizes.

3x3 Straight Pop Up Display

Specifications of the pop-up display

- Height: 2.22m
- Width (depends on model)
- Magnetic Locking frame
- Square Hard Case Trolley

Optional Accessories
- LED Lights
- Pop Up Counter
- Oval Hard Case Trolley (can also be used as a counter)

Request for Quote

Contact us by sending an email to with the following information:
- Size (3x3 or 3x4)
- Type of pop-up display (Straight or Curved)
- Qty
- Accessories such as LED lighting, oval hard case or pop up counter (if required)