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Panel Display

Imprint Media offers 2 types of panel displays:


Folding Panel Display System

folding panel display

  • Ideal for any promotions, product launches, road shows or exhibitions.
  • Can be use as a partition or fold into a booth or any other angle,limited by your imagination. • Fast & easy to set up.
  • Double sided, double your exposure,double your advertising mileage.
  • Comes with a carrying bag.


Model FD3: 3 Panels (12.3 kg)
Model FD4: 4 Panels (16.8 kg)





Pole and Panel System

Simplicity in design and ease of use make the Pole and Panel display system a popular choice among exhibitors as well as companies & organizations.

pole and panel display

  • Double Sided framed fabric panels and mounting poles easily snap together without tools or hassle to create numerous display configurations.
  • Warranty for 1year
  • Life time warranty for all the clips (made of poly carbonate)
  • Panel Size: 1000mm x 700mm 1000mm x 1000mm
  • Self Standing
  • Customization of fabric colour available
  • Standard set comes with:
    • 6 Panels
    • 8 Aluminum poles
    • 4 joiners
    • 1 carrying case
    • * Optional: Round base available