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Clip Pole Banner Stand

Clip Pole Banner Stand is a great way to diplay your poster and banner indoor and outdoor. It is also very economical and reusable. Imprint Media offers adjustable and fixed height Clip Pole Banner Stands.


Adjustable Clip Pole Stand

clip stand

  • Weight: 6.5kg 
  • Height: Max: 3m (Adjustable)
    Diameter: 25mm
  • Heavy stable base which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Can display posters/banners on both sides
  • Comes with 2 pairs of clear clips.

    Available in stainless steel, black and silver aluminium,






Fixed Height Clip Pole Stand

clip pole

  • Weight : 12.2kg
  • Height: 1.9m (Fixed)
  • Heavy metal base for added stability.
  • Comes with Ø38mm stainless steel rod.
  • Powerful clips gives you the flexibity to display
  • Suitable for PVC banners or rigid posters.-
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Available in stainless steel only






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