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PaperIn Imprint Media, we provide our clients with a large variety of paper materials. Check out our list of paper materials below. We would also be able to provide you with other paper materials required.





Wood Free

82gsm Woodfree Sticker
100gsm Woodfree
150gsm Woodfree


128gsm Artpaper
128gsm Matt Artpaper
157gsm Artpaper (Gloss)
157gsm Matt Artpaper

Artcard and Thicker Paper

190gsm Artcard (Gloss)
230gsm Artcard (Gloss)
260gsm Artcard (Gloss)
310gsm Artcard (Gloss)
360gsm Artcard (Gloss)


220gsm Conqueror Brilliant White Wove
220gsm Conqueror Brilliant White Laid
250gsm Conqueror CX 22 Diamond Card
300gsm Conqueror Brilliant White Cove


300gsm Curious Metallic Skin
300gsm Curious Metallic Super Gold
300gsm Curious Metallic Ice Gold